Data Science Series

Survival Analysis for Beginners:
An Industrial Review of Time-to-Event Analysis

26-27 March 2019
6PM – 9PM

Algoritma Data Science Education Center
Menara Kadin Indonesia, 4th Floor

IDR 2,000,000

Course Summary

This 2-day workshop is a beginner-friendly introduction to survival analysis practice using R.

Survival analysis addresses questions such as:

  • How long will a particular customer remains loyal to your business?
  • Duration time until machine failure
  • How long should the duration of a marketing campaign be for it to be effective? And which channel?
  • Predicting policy cancellations or how long it takes to file an insurance claim

This workshop will equip you with hands-on experience in solving real-case data analysis using R. By learning how to perform a survival analysis on various business problems, students will learn the fundamentals importance of statistics practice in making a decision in the industry.

We will guide students in the right approach of completing a survival analysis exercise modeled after real-life business cases. The workshop is designed by Algoritma’s acclaimed team of instructors and we will help you kickstart your career in the data science industry.

NOTE: The workshop will be delivered in Bahasa Indonesia



  • Description of the workshop’s objectives
  • A brief explanation of survival analysis and area of implementation
  • Description of the workflow, tools, and setup

R Programming

  • What is R?
  • Working with RStudio environment
  • Packages and loading libraries
  • Basic R data structure

Statistics Behind Survival Analysis (1)

  • Survival data and censored data
  • Understanding the survival curve
  • Weibull and Log-Normal model

Statistics Behind Survival Analysis (2)

  • Cox Proportional Hazard model
  • Difference between Cox and Weibull model
  • Evaluating model error

Implementation of Survival Analysis

  • Identifying significant treatment to event
  • Survival Analysis in visualization
  • Learn-By-Building: perform Survival Analysis using a real case

Your Instructor

Wulan Andriyani is one of Algoritma’s Data Science Instructors. Wulan graduated from Bogor Agricultural University with a major in Statistics and minor in Economics and Development Studies. During her university years, she often became the teaching assistant for the Economics and Statistics Department.

With a strong background in Statistics, she has taught classes for Algoritma’s in-house corporate training and has shared her expertise and knowledge about data science, data analysis, and statistics. She was involved in various training such as for BCA, Indosat Ooredoo, Algoritma Data Science Academy, and Algoritma Weekend Track, to name a few.

Data Science Series

Workshops in our Data Science Series are tailored to casual learners, working professionals and non-programmers that are taking their first steps into data science and machine learning.

Students are not assumed to have a working knowledge of R or prior proficiency in statistics / mathematics / algebra. At such the workshop follows a gentle learning curve and emphasize on hands-on, one-to-one tutoring from our team of instructors and teaching assistants.

Consider taking our Data Science Intermediate workshops instead for more advanced-level materials in statistical programming and machine learning.

Past Workshops in this Series:

Students work through tons of real-life examples using sample datasets donated by our team of mentors and corporate partners. We believe in a learn-by-building approach, and we employ instructors who are uncompromisingly passionate about your growth and education.

Workshop Receivables:

  • Workshop Lecturer’s Notes

    Including 2x Course Books (PDF), HTML files, course transcripts (if any).

  • Highly-accelerated Learning

    Learn under the assistance of mentorship of our lead instructor and a band of qualified teaching assistants throughout the 2-day course.

  • Certification of Completion

    Show current and prospective employers that you’ve completed the course with a signed certificate of completion.

  • Quality Learning Environment

    We pay meticulous attention to the logistical details of our workshops: quality audio and visual setups, comfortable sitting arrangements, small group size. Dinners are included for evening workshops.

  • Supplement Materials

    Receive supplement datasets to practice on, reference notes, working files (R Notebook or Jupyter Notebook), and other materials that will help you master the topics.