Gentle Introduction to Developing Modern Web Apps in R & Python

Learn to productionize your data science work by picking up complementary skills in web application development


  • Know-your-neighbors

    Registration and Networking
    12:30 – 13:00

  • Introduction to data science tools on modern web stack

    13:00 – 13:45

  • Code Along: Developing your first web app in R

    13:45 – 15:00

  • Deploying machine learning and visualization code in Python

    15:00 – 15:45

  • Q&A

    15:45 – 16:00

Course Summary

The workshop aims to provide a beginner-friendly introduction to packaging your data science work into a user-friendly, modernly-themed web analytics application.

Corporate consultant and course producer Samuel Chan has worked for a number of public-listed company prior to his role at Algoritma. His involvement has always heavily centered around product development, from building chatbots for companies to developing cloud-based products. In this workshop, he will walk us through his favorite tools, workflow, and productivity tips:

  • Recommendations on productionizing R code
  • The Shiny framework for data scientists
  • Using Python’s web frameworks for application development
  • TensorFlow as a web service
  • Cloud deployment options for R- or Python-based applications
  • Production concerns: security, uptime, and continuous integration
  • Productivity tools for real-life data science: Git, IDE extensions, Virtual
  • Environments vs Docker


Samuel Chan

Machine learning practitioner in the field of marketing automation, fraud detection, finance and e-commerce. Samuel is Indonesia’s top-ranked Stack Overflow user in R (top 5% worldwide), a certified professional (certificates from Microsoft, MongoDB, Stanford University, John Hopkins University), and an experienced consultant that has worked with several public-trading companies from his time staying in China, Japan and Singapore.

Between 2017 and 2018, Samuel has trained and consulted with more than 20 companies around Indonesia and a regular guest speaker/trainer in a number of universities in Singapore and Indonesia. He is also among the first recipients of Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science in Southeast Asia, having demonstrated proficiency in R, Python, Microsoft Azure, SQL / T-SQL, PowerBI and a list of other technologies.


Workshop Receivables:

  • Workshop Lecturer’s Notes

    Including an e-course book (PDF) and/or HTML files.

  • Highly-accelerated Learning

    Learn under the assistance of mentorship of our lead instructor.

  • Quality Learning Environment

    We pay meticulous attention to the logistical details of our workshops: quality audio and visual setups, comfortable sitting arrangements. Snacks are included for evening workshops.

Kickstart Series

Workshops in our Kickstart series are tailored to casual programmers and non-programmers that are taking their first steps into data science. It assumes no prior knowledge or academic background, and attendees will be introduced to the beautiful art of writing R / Python code to produce data visualization and simple regression models.

Students are encouraged to bring along their laptop and download the course materials beforehand if they wish to follow along with the Code Along exercises. The workshop has a gentle learning slope that is designed with non-technical professionals and academics in mind.

Past Workshops in this Series: