Upcoming Workshops

Algoritma organizes a variety of training programs for our students to equip them with employable data science skills. From introduction to data science with beginner-friendly fundamentals, to intensive hands-on coding sessions, we deliver a rigorous yet flexible training schedule fitted for both students and working adults.

We organize two types of workshops:

  • Kickstart series is a collection of 3-4 hours introductory seminar for professionals who are curious about what data science is and how it impacts their career and company.
  • Data Science series is a collection of a 2-3 days industry specific workshop for professionals who are looking for applicational and practical data science training that are highly relevant to their industry. The workshop usually start with basic training which is gentle to beginners. At the end of the workshop, student would complete a project or build an application.

If you’re not sure where to begin, we recommend starting with our next Kickstart series. If you are looking to get yourself right up to speed with modern data science tools and methodologies in your industries then we highly recommend Data Science series.

Want a more specific recommendation? Talk to us!

Note that all our workshops and training programs are usually co-organised with a venue partner, so ground regulations or dress codes may apply. Please get in touch with our community managers for further details of any event!