Algoritma offers a range of training programs tailored for both beginners and professionals. Enhance your team’s data science skills with our versatile courses, spanning foundational introductions to intensive hands-on workshops.

Course Schedule

Designing Power BI Dashboards for Business Intelligence
Creating Informative and Interactive Dashboards for Decision Making
23 – 25 January 2024Course Details & Registrations
Web Scraping Techniques in Python
Gathering Data from Websites to Fuel Your Analytics and Insights
5 – 7 March 2024Course Details & Registrations
Time-Series Forecasting Using the Prophet Algorithm
Predicting Trends and Patterns with Advanced Forecasting Techniques
26 – 28 March 2024Course Details & Registrations
Market Basket Analysis for Cross-Selling
Unveiling Product Pairings and Maximizing Upsell Strategies.
23 – 25 April 2024Course Details & Registrations
Constructing Choropleth Interactive Maps
Deep Dive into Geographical Data Visualization for Impactful Decision Making
20 – 22 May 2024Course Details & Registrations
Social Media Analytics with Dash
Harnessing Digital Conversations for Real-time Social Trend Analysis
25 – 27 June 2024Course Details & Registrations
Algorithmic Trading with Python
Leveraging Programming to Optimize and Execute Trading Strategies
23 – 25 July 2024Course Details & Registrations
CNNs in Product Quality Evaluation
Tapping into Deep Learning for Superior Product Inspection and Validation
20 – 22 August 2024Course Details & Registrations
Policymaking in the Age of AI
Harnessing Deep Learning to Understand Public Sentiments for Enhanced Policies
24 – 26 September 2024Course Details & Registrations
Leveraging Generative AI in Microsoft Excel
Supercharge Your Excel Tasks with AI-Enhanced Capabilities
21 – 23 October 2024Course Details & Registrations
In-depth Data Analysis with Looker Studio
Navigate, Visualize, and Extract Valuable Insights from Your Data
18 – 20 November 2024Course Details & Registrations
Empowering Decisions
with Tableu
17 – 19 December 2024Course Details & Registrations

Course Receivables:

  • Lecturer’s Notes

    Including Course Books (PDF), HTML files, course transcripts (if any).

  • Highly-accelerated Learning

    Learn under the assistance of mentorship of our lead instructor and a band of qualified teaching assistants throughout each course.

  • Certification of Completion

    Show current employer hat you’ve completed the course with a signed certificate of completion.

  • Quality Learning Environment

    We pay meticulous attention to the logistical details of our workshops: quality audio and visual setups, comfortable sitting arrangements, and small group size.

  • Refreshments & Coffee Break

    In our commitment to delivering a premium experience, we collaborate with leading catering services in Jakarta. Our aim is to ensure that all participants are served delectable lunches and revitalizing coffee breaks.


Courses in this series cater to a diverse audience: from casual learners and working professionals to those venturing into data science and machine learning without a programming background.

We recognize that many students may not have prior expertise in statistics, mathematics, or algebra. Therefore, our courses are designed with a gentle learning curve, placing a strong emphasis on hands-on experience and individualized instruction. Our dedicated team of instructors and teaching assistants ensure personalized guidance every step of the way.

Teaching Methodology:

Students work through tons of real-life examples using sample datasets donated by our mentors and corporate partners. We believe in a learn-by-building approach, and we employ instructors who are uncompromisingly passionate about your growth and education.

Frequently Asked Questions

All courses are held at the Algoritma Training Center. Menara Kadin, 4th Floor. South Jakarta.

Each course runs from 09.00 – 15.00 WIB over a span of three days.

The investment for each course is IDR 5.550.000. VAT Included.

This depends on the course you select. The tools range from Python, ChatGPT + Microsoft Excel, Looker Studio, Tableau, Power BI, and RStudio.

While a basic understanding of the specified tool is beneficial, our instructors ensure that participants of all skill levels can benefit from the content.

Yes, all our courses include a mix of theoretical lessons and hands-on exercises to ensure participants can practically apply their learnings.

Yes, all participants will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

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