Kickstart Series:
Data Science from Fun to Profit

In this 4-hour workshop, your trainer Samuel Chan explores the “economy” of data science, and works through code examples along the journey to illustrate the many ways data science can be serious business too.

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  • Schedule

    26 March 2021

    17.00 – 21.00 (UTC+7)

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  • Online-Interactive Learning

    Via Zoom

  • Investment

    IDR 100.000 / MYR 30



Main Modules

Companies don’t pay money for the code you write in your notebook cells. They pay money for you to solve a problem. But how do you package your expertise and put a price tag on it?

Commercializing Data Science expertise

As an extra challenge, your trainer will walk you through a template of past and current projects in rapid succession, to demonstrate 9 ways of building a project. Having built and sold a company that product marketing automation software and chatbot solutions in 2017, Samuel has since launched 4 other public-facing projects, each to varying degrees of the userbase.

He maintains a number of open source tools and his automated course production tool, Corgi powers all of the courses by Algoritma. He also runs a data science development house, Supertype that builds out custom software for open source and enterprises.

  • [Demo] Building API services (~20 days)
  • [Demo] Self-serve software (SaaS) with Stripe and Paypal (~31 days)
  • [Demo] Custom one-time development work (vary depending on scope)
  • [Demo] Providing enterprise support on your work (~5 days)
  • [Demo] Custom Shiny app development (~5 days)
  • [Demo] Custom Flask app development (~5 days)
  • [Demo] Consulting (vary depending on scope)
  • [Demo] Custom package development (~15 days)
  • [Demo] Extensions, Add-ons, Plugins (~20 days)

The actual duration of the work is determined by the scope of your ambition, the complexity of your problem, and your actual experience/proficiency but these are big-picture estimates for a “minimally sellable product”.

Engineering Data Science products

  • Toolsets (R, Python, version control, automated tests, packaging, continuous deployment, backends, database)
  • Launching an open source project and considerations (deployment, licenses, copyright, API rate limiting, analytics)
  • Free code templates to building your data products
  • Getting started with open source contributions

Code Examples

  • Demo: Designing scalable database models the right way and the wrong way
  • Demo: Writing reusable, modular, production-ready code following DRY (don’t-repeat-yourself) principles
  • Demo: Working in a dev team with git, GitHub Actions and other workflow automation in a collaborative setup
  • Demo: Writing robust tests using pytestnosetestcoverage
  • Code Demo and Discussion: shinyflask or django for your next web application?




An  RStudio-certified instructor and machine learning practitioner in the field of marketing automation, fraud detection, finance and e-commerce.  Samuel is Indonesia’s top-ranked Stack Overflow user in R (top 5% worldwide) for three years running, and boasts certifications from RStudio, Microsoft, MongoDB, Neo4J Database, Stanford University, John Hopkins University, among others.

Prior to Algoritma, he has 8 years of working experience, including a stint as in-house consultant to several public-trading companies from his time staying in China, Japan and Singapore. He is today an active trainer and consultant for various companies in the financial industry. He has guest lectured in various campuses: Binus, NUS (National University of Singapore)’s The Logistics Institute, University of Indonesia, Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Binus, Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), Telkom University etc. Courses he authored are offered also in Singapore through Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Samuel is also among the first recipients of Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science in Southeast Asia, having demonstrated proficiency in R, Python, Microsoft Azure, SQL / T-SQL, PowerBI and a list of other technologies, and among the first to be certified in RStudio’s program. Technical committee member and competition judge on Finhacks 2018, the largest Machine Learning competition of the year organized by PT. Bank Central Asia (BCA) and DailySocial.


Our learning format is online-interactive, you will feel the interactive experience as if you were present in a physical classroom. You can access the class using your Zoom account on pre-defined dates.


    You will receive the Zoom recording, course books (PDF & HTML files), the dataset for practice, reference notes, and working files via email.


    Show current and prospective employers of your mastery with a signed certificate of completion.


    Be a part of our data-passionate community with 5000+ members and 1000+ alumni.


Workshops in this series are tailored to casual programmers and non-programmers that are taking their first steps into data science. It assumes no prior knowledge or academic background, and attendees will be introduced to the beautiful art of writing R / Python code to produce data visualization and build machine learning models. The workshop has a gentle learning slope that is designed with non-technical professionals and academics in mind.

Yes, you can still attend the workshop as it is an introductory workshop

We will send the materials via email before the workshop starts.

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion.