SKK Migas Case Study

Date: 2 – 6 July 2018
Place: SKK Migas
Participants: 15 participants

Data analytics has become a hot area as oil and gas companies look to monitor drilling and production from thousands of wells. The growing amount of sensors in wells,  general operations and the use of Internet of Things, leads oil and gas industry to face the challenge of gleaning insight from big data and fast data.

There is a growing demand for data scientists in the industry, whose combination of technical skills and business acumen are needed to handle the growing volumes of data.

A research by Manhattan Institute showed that by bringing analytics to bear on the complexities of geology, geophysics, stimulation, and operations to optimize the production process would potentially double the number of effective stages, thereby doubling output per well and cutting the cost of oil in half.

We were honoured to be able to work with SKK Migas and share our insights on Data Science Fundamentals. Hopefully, our work would lead to a better future for the oil and gas industry in Indonesia.


Encourage employees to have an understanding of data science, and the skills that will be implemented in the company’s real work operations by Data Science Fundamentals class.


  • Participants are able to handle data processing using R programming language
  • Specializing in the course of data visualization and machine learning to improve data processing and outlook

Relevant Courses: Data Visualization and Machine Learning