Ralali Case Study

Date: 28 – 29 June 2018 & 13 – 14 July 2018
Place: Ralali.com
Participants: 30 participants

Ralali.com is an online B2B online marketplace that connects both corporate and individual buyers to meet thousands of products at a wholesale price level for the business and company needs from hundreds of supplier.

B2B is experiencing an intensified focus with the increased availability of new digital data that describes businesses. Since Ralali is working in the more digital side, the internet offers a much more detailed level of data, going well beyond standard industry categorization.

However, these digital resources yield little value unless individual customers are identified and their detailed backgrounds and interests are analyzed to provide strategic insights for suppliers. And that’s where Data Science can help in quite a wide range of area. From finding leads to see what’s trending in a particular industry, speed up the sales funnel, analyze team performance, and various automation.

The secret to success for B2B businesses lies in collaboration and sharing of the data to improve customer experience and engagement. It offers valuable insights into the customer’s journey, allowing the company to deliver personalized content to clients across all channels.

  • Executive training is given from manager to C-level
  • Data Science training specializing in data visualization and machine learning
  • Added training emphasizing on forecasting principles and inventory analytics to best suited Ralali.com business operation.


  • Participants are able to develop statistical plots and data visualization
    that drive insights to stakeholders which helps to enhance the decision-making process
  • Incorporate machine learning into existing product
  • Optimizing the use of data in improving the company’s line of services

Relevant Courses: Data Visualization, Machine Learning, and Executive Training