Building Music Recommender System In Python

  • Schedule

    3-5 August 2021 (3 Days)

    18.30 – 21.30 (WIB)

  • Online-Interactive Learning

    Via Zoom

  • Investment

    Rp. 3.300.000




Course Summary

The behavior of musicophiles has changed along with the evolution of the music industry in the past decades. Previously we conservatively bought music on a compact disc, but now music streaming services are more preferable; such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify, Youtube Music, to name a few. This is because of the convenience offered by these platforms so that users can search their favorite songs right away without having to bother going to the music store physically.

Users may not have enough time to scan through all available songs and manually create a playlist. Instead, a recommender system is constructed, which eases them to find relevant songs quickly. One example you might have seen before is the “Made For You” feature from Spotify. These personalized playlists are being recommended by grouping similar songs that go well together. How? In the real case, this process is done by combining several recommender algorithms based on users’ activities such as likes, playlist history, or even listening history.

This 3-day online workshop is beginner-friendly to demonstrate how to extract song embeddings using the neural network approach, specifically the word2vec model, to generate song recommendations. Throughout the online course, we will provide participants with hands-on examples and a rich interactive experience. One Instructor and two Teaching Assistants will help participants troubleshoot or help with any difficulties encountered.

NOTE: This workshop will be delivered in Bahasa Indonesia.


Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the basic idea of Word2Vec
  • Work with python and pandas for data cleansing and manipulation processes
  • Perform Song2Vec for music recommender using gensim library
  • Evaluate the models and compare them with other approaches


Join this workshop and get a chance to win total prizes worth IDR 25.000.000. Terms & conditions: algorit.ma/learn-earn.


  • Description of course materials, timeline, and objectives of the workshop
  • Description of the workflow, tools, and setup for the course
  • Introduction to Python programming language
  • Working with Anaconda 
  • Using Jupyter notebook for reproducible research
  • Inspecting data structure (list, dictionaries, pandas, set)
  • Working with data radio playlist and songs tag
  • Introduction to Word Embedding
  • General architecture Word2Vec
  • Skip-Gram & Continuous Bag of Word (CBOW)
  • [Optional] Training optimization: Negative sampling
  • Build recommender system with gensim
  • Recommending songs based on cosine similarity
  • Model evaluation with Average Hit Rate at n (AHR @n)
  • Other approaches for music recommender (spherical k-means, t-SNE)
  • Compare model performance


Our learning format is online-interactive, you will feel the interactive experience as if you were present in a physical classroom. You can access the class using your Zoom account on pre-defined dates.


    Zoom recording, course Books (PDF & HTML files), the dataset for practice, reference notes, and working files are accessible through our Learning Management System account.


    Show current and prospective employers of your mastery with a signed certificate of completion.


    Be a part of our data-passionate community with 5000+ members and 1000+ alumni.


Workshops in this series are tailored to casual programmers and non-programmers that are taking their first steps into data science. It assumes no prior knowledge or academic background. The workshop has a gentle learning slope that is designed with non-technical professionals and academics in mind.

Yes, you can still attend the workshop as it is a beginner-friendly workshop.

Our system will send you an email containing a link and details to join a Google Classroom.

Online learning will be conducted via Zoom.us, Link to join the Zoom Class will be announced via Google Classroom.

Learning materials can be obtain via Google Classroom

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion.


Fafilia Masrofin

Fafilia is a Data Science Instructor at Algoritma Data Science School. She is a passionate Instructor with expertise in exploratory data analysis and machine learning using Python.

She has been involved in numerous mentoring, data science projects, and consultative data science training for our clients, to name a few:
– Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan
– Advance Innovation (AdIns)
– PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Inalum)