Data Science Intermediate

Machine Learning



Course details :

This 3-day intermediate level workshop is catered to machine learning practitioners with an elementary understanding of R programming. It covers a series of common classification algorithms as well as text mining case studies in a highly practical fashion.

Learning from data is virtually universally useful. Master it and you’ll be welcomed nearly everywhere! ~ John Elder, Elder Research

We will extrapolate from the algebra behind regression models to understand the statistical details of a logistic regression in the first half of this workshop. We’ll also explore how data scientists deal with textual data as far as text mining, classification (prediction), and language models is concerned.

Please bring along:

  • 1x Laptop
  • Purchased ticket (from organizer’s website)

In a nutshell

  • Logistic Regression

    Day 1

  • Probabilities & Odds

    Day 1

  • Model Interpretation

    Day 2

  • Law of Probability

    Day 3

  • Text Mining & Model Optimization

    Day 3

  • Text Classification in Practice

    Day 3


Samuel Chan


Detailed Syllabus

Syllabus: Data Science Intermediate

  • Logistic Regression
  • Understanding Odds
  • Probabilities & Odds
  • Log of Odds
  • Sigmoid Curve
  • Model Interpretation
  • Naive Bayes
  • Bayesian Probabilities
  • Sparse Matrix
  • Text Classification
  • Text Mining
  • Model Optimization
  • Classroom Project: Classification tasks using a blend of 3 models

This workshop will cost 3 workshop credits for subscribers. Non-subscribers are welcomed to participate at a cost of IDR4,000,000.

Workshop Receivables:

  • Workshop Lecturer’s Notes

    Including 2x Course Books (PDF), HTML files, course transcripts (if any).

  • Highly-accelerated Learning

    Learn under the assistance of mentorship of our lead instructor and a band of qualified teaching assistants throughout the 3 day course.

  • Certification of Completion

    Show current and prospective employers that you’ve completed the course with a signed certificate of completion.

  • Quality Learning Environment

    We pay meticulous attention to the logistical details of our workshops: quality audio and visual setups, comfortable sitting arrangements, small group size. Dinners are included for evening workshops.

  • Supplement Materials

    Receive supplement datasets to practice on, reference notes, working files (R Notebook or Jupyter Notebook), and other materials that will help you master the topics.

Data Science Intermediate Series

Workshops in our Data Science Intermediate series are tailored to R programmers that are taking their first steps into data science and machine learning.

Students are assumed to have a working knowledge of R and ideally some proficiency in statistics / mathematics / algebra. Consider taking our Data Science Fundamentals workshops instead if you have no prior programming experience or statistics knowledge:

Past Workshops in this Series:

Students work through tons of real-life examples using sample datasets donated by our team of mentors and corporate partners. We believe in a learn-by-building approach, and we employ instructors who are uncompromisingly passionate about your growth and education.