Blibli Voucher Redemption

Terima kasih telah menukarkan Blibli Point Rewards kamu dengan Voucher Algoritma.

Jika ada pertanyaan atau bantuan, silahkan email kami di community@algorit.ma atau WhatsApp kami di +62-8777-8353-007

Hi there! Thank you for trading your Blibli Point Rewards with Algoritma’s vouchers.

If you have any questions and/or concerns, please email us at community@algorit.ma or WhatsApp us +62-8777-8353-007.

Algoritma Merchandise

Redeem your Blibli Points and get IDR 25.000 off (original price: IDR 100.000) of Algoritma’s EXCLUSIVE merchandise!

Kickstart Series

KICKSTART series is a collection of 3-4 hours introductory seminar for professionals who are curious about what data science is and how it impacts their career and company. The workshop comes with a code-along session for those who would like to experience writing their first lines of codes in data science, or want to learn the beautiful art of data visualization and machine learning by building.

Data Science Series

Data Science Series is a collection of a 2-3 days industry-specific workshop for professionals looking for applicational and practical data science training that is highly relevant to their industry. The workshop usually starts with basic training, which is gentle to beginners. At the end of the workshop, student would complete a project or build an application.


Algoritma Data Science Education Center offers a variety of short-duration data science workshops and boot camps that will help kick-start your career in one of the most sought-after professions today.

We are founded with the purpose of making data science accessible to everybody. Our workshops aim to equip every professional with a set of core skills across the various domains of data visualization, regression, machine learning, predictive modeling, and statistical programming literacy.

No matter what profession or field you are currently in, you can utilize data science to perform tasks and solve problems more efficiently and effectively.