Bank BTPN Case Study

“Deep understanding of data science fundamentals to increase the efficiency of data processing – Case Study of BTPN”

Date: 1-3 November 2017
Place: PT Bank BTPN office

Banks have unique data about their customer’s profile and activity. By utilizing that vast amount of data, a bank would be able to create insights for customer intelligence and behaviours to help improve their business.

Data could come in many forms: numbers, text, graphics, video, and many more. One of the challenges for the banking industry in dealing with data is the data processing. There are so many processes involved in data processing. From data organization, modification, storage, to the final presentation.

By having a good grip on data science fundamentals, it is expected that a bank would be able to convert raw data into valuable information efficiently.

Utilizing data visualization and machine learning model to improve data processing and presentation.


  • Data preparation and processing that is more efficient and automated
  • Visually well-presented data to provide insights

Relevant Courses: Data Visualization and Machine Learning