Algoritma Career Support

What is algoritma career support?

Algoritma Career Support is a service provided for Algoritma Academy Graduates with the aim to help Algoritma Graduates to get employed. 

Our team will transform you into a job-ready professional through extensive Data Career Day preparation mentoring including Online Profile Building, Communications and Presentation workshops, and more. We are confident that once you complete your course, you’ll have jobs looking for you!


Algoritma Mentorship

How will our mentorship benefit you?


    Get yourself unstuck and learn from professionals who have been there and done that.

  • Motivation Boost

    Get unparalleled guidance and support from a mentor who’s passionate about making our students succeed.

  • Project Support

    Get advice on industry best practices to help you excel at your projects and assignments.


We never hired anyone who is not fully committed to your learning cause. Our mentors are certified industry educators with experience working on projects across industries.

Being mentored is an extremely valuable and effective opportunity for development. The guidance, support and encouragement of a senior industry veteran will ensure you learn faster, build skills rapidly and empower career growth. With mentorship, you’re more likely to get employed or a promotion.



Algoritma Data Career Day

What is data career day?

Algoritma Data Career Day (DCD) is one of the career support exclusively provided for Algoritma Academy Graduates to help you get hired by our corporate clients or hiring partners. The event consists of a talk show, seminar, networking, speed dating with our hiring partners, and a chance to showcase each students’ final project in our Demo session (see video below). You will meet a diverse audience, from data science enthusiasts to managers or the human resources team from various corporates and/or startups.

Demo Day Project Showcase

Demo Day Project showcase is a perfect platform for you to showcase your technical skills and stand a chance to obtain a job with our hiring partners. Additionally, the project you build throughout the Academy will help you to:

  • Solve real-world challenges and decode problems through innovative & collaborative techniques
  • Bridge the gap between theoretical and practical learning as you apply your skills and gain hands-on experience

How will project showcase help me?

  • Sharpen your problem-solving skills

  • Gain industry exposure

  • Boost your employability

Check out our previous Data Career Day:

Algoritma Community


We understand that networking and building a group of professionals is paramount to career growth. Through our Algoritma Community Events, we will present you with numerous opportunities to interact with industry experts so that you may:

  • Identify new networking opportunities within your field

  • Connect with industry professionals and like-minded peers

  • Participate in interactive networking events and establish relationships for the long-term

Our Community Events

Our events are a great resource if you’re looking to kick-start your career or move to the next level in your industry. Here’s a snapshot of our past event!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This program is open to those who do not have a technical background previously. You will be taught the basics such as programming fundamentals and practical statistics, making this program accessible to people without technical backgrounds.

Yes, we will ensure that you will receive employment opportunities from our hiring partners once you graduate with a score above 85% on our Full Track Academy. You will be eligible to do a demo on our stage during Data Career Day. Our hiring partners will be able to see your expertise and provide you employment opportunities at their companies. However, please note that we are the “connector” between the graduates and the hiring partners. We give our graduates all the rights to choose who they work for and who our hiring partners want to hire.

The training program from the Data Science Academy is addressed to those who are beginners up to intermediate level. The output of this program is to ensure that graduates have the right skills to:

  • Collect, clean, process and analyze data, visualize data, and create interactive dashboards.
  • Create a machine learning algorithm that can predict, forecast, and provide decision-making recommendations based on the available data.

Not an issue. You may opt-out of our career preparation and our Data Career Day. Nevertheless, you can still enroll in our programs and obtain the valuable skills you need.

During our 10-week bootcamp, students must commit to 4 days per week (Monday – Thursday) at 13:00-16:00 or 18:00-21:30 during the week. They should expect to spend some time outside of the learning hours and over the weekends to complete the projects.



Starts on September 18, 2023!

(Application Deadline: September 15, 2023)